US fabrics manufacturer issues mattress testing kit

US fabrics supplier Precision Textiles has launched a new hygienic mattress testing kit.

The kit, which is part of its SlumberShield brand, is for retailers to use to help ease consumers safety concerns when shopping for a new mattress.

Each individually packaged kit includes a mattress and pillow sheet that retailers can use for when customers are testing products in store.

The launch follows its recent introduction of its six-sided, fully enclosed SlumberShield mattress encasement. It offers medical-grade protection from bacteria, allergens, viruses and fluid.

“While healthcare workers are working tirelessly to keep us safe, it’s important that safety precautions are put in place to protect the public against the continued spread of the virus,” said Scott Tesser, CEO of Precision Textiles.

“Mattresses come into direct contact with consumers as a key part of the buying process is the sleep test. To adapt to the current health crisis, the kits are sealed for one-time use to reassure consumers.”

Based at its New Jersey headquarters, Precision Textiles also operates from three Asian factory joint ventures, and a global network of 38 operation centres.