SATRA launches technical webinars for furniture and floor coverings

SATRA Technology has extended its regular programme of technical webinars to include more topics of specific interest to the furniture and floor coverings sector.

It is recognised that keeping up-to-date with legislation is a difficult and time-consuming task, so SATRA’s experts will be highlighting the key requirements that industry needs to meet. The webinars will be free of charge and will give the opportunity to hear about a topic and then for registrants to discuss further via a Q&A session.

Currently-planned webinars include:

25 February 2021

An introduction to the Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations

The UK’s legislation for the fire safety of domestic furniture is one of the most stringent and complex in the world. This session provides an introduction to the requirements of the regulations for manufacturers, retailers and importers.

10 March 2021

Furniture and the General Product Safety Regulations

The safety of most domestic furniture is governed by the General Product Safety Regulations. Since 1st January 2021, this has become a UK-only regulation. This session will provide an introduction to the regulations and how they affect furniture, as well outlining the difference between the UK and EU requirements.

12 May 2021

Flooring and the UKCA mark

The UK adopted its own flooring legislation on 1st January 2021 with the introduction of the new ‘United Kingdom Conformity Assessed’ (UKCA) mark, which will need to be placed on products as a means of showing conformance to UK requirements.

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