ONS shares lockdown impact data on working life

New analysis from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed the impact of working life following the government’s ‘lockdown’ measures.

According to the data, of the businesses responding, 25% reported they had temporarily closed or paused trading, while 75% were continuing trading. Furthermore, those businesses said that an average of 21% of its staff were furloughed.

Work-related concerns were mentioned by nearly 40% of adults, with over half at 53.1% said the pandemic was affecting their wellbeing.

Nearly 23% of adults were worried about the impact on their household finances, primarily in relation to reduced income. Of these 73% said they had had to use savings to cover living costs. 43% expected their financial situation to get worse over the coming 12 months.

Looking ahead, a third of adults thought it would take four to six months before life returns to normal, with 84.5% expecting things to get worse over the next 12 months and 40.4% stating now is the right time to save.

Commenting on the data, Deputy National Statistician for Public Policy Iain Bell said: “It’s never been more important, or more appreciated, that businesses and individuals give their time to tell us about their experiences.

“The information from these surveys is providing vital insight to the UK Government into how people are responding to, and feeling about, the current situation, including their anxieties and measures that are helping them to cope.”

The latest data is from its Opinions and Lifestyles Survey (OPN), collected between 27 March and 6 April, initial results from wave 2 of the fortnightly, Business Impact of Coronavirus Survey (BICS) as well as additional web scraped online prices for high-demand products (HDPs).