Online furniture startup raises funds to begin taking orders

A new online furniture startup is raising funds to help its launch with an angle of offering sustainable solid wood furniture.

The TimberMaker has been founded by Ananth Murthy, who aims to produce sustainable solid wood, luxuriously crafted, bespoke and quirky furniture.

The newco is using to kick start its business and set a target to raise £15,000, which it successfully secured during December 2020.

TimberMaker plans to use the £10,000 of the funds to purchase stock to be able to start taking orders from customers, while around £7,000 will be spent on initial marketing and social media set up costs.

Commenting on the project, TimberMaker said: “The TimberMaker aspires to be a major player in the furniture e-commerce space providing high end handcrafted, luxury, bespoke, solid wood & cast iron furniture at competitive prices to proud homeowners & tenants alike that want to buy excellent quality sustainably sourced solid wood furniture which is not flat packed & mass produced such as Ikea, Wilko, B&Q etc. but are fully assembled pieces ready to be placed at the desired location at home or elsewhere saving customers their valuable time & the hassle of putting pieces together.

“Our furniture aren’t mass produced with only a limited number manufactured after which the company will add new updated designs to their platform making them somewhat unique in their own way making it a much more attractive proposition for customers wanting to showcase their Instagram perfect home with their Instagram perfect furniture.

“All our furniture is sourced from independent craftsmen who are paid fair prices. As we scale up, so will their orders, which in turn will help them grow & take on more staff thus helping the local economy during these difficult times.”

TimberMaker, which plans to deliver products in the UK, Germany and India initially as well as expanding to the US and other EU nations, has raised £15,100 at the publishing.