Nobia agrees transition programme safeguarding jobs

Swedish kitchen furniture specialist Nobia, owner of UK brand Magnet, has agreed a transition programme ahead of its new plant build.

Nobia and the relevant trade unions have now concluded negotiations under the Co-Determination in the Workplace Act (MBL) about the plan to build a new plant in Jönköping and have agreed on a transition programme that will ensure future employment for all employees at the plant in Tidaholm.

In December 2019, Nobia’s Board of Directors made a directional decision to invest in a new production plant in Jönköping to replace Nobia’s existing factory in Tidaholm in 2024.

The most important point under the customary MBL negotiations, which began after the directional decision was made, was to ensure employment for all of Nobia’s employees currently working at the plant in Tidaholm. The transition programme “A future for everyone” has been prepared to ensure this.

The programme has four parts:

  • Tidaholm Wood Centre – a new manufacturing operation based on existing equipment and skills, that will create about 100 new jobs. The intention is that this unit will eventually transfer to external ownership but will remain a supplier for Nobia.
  • Nobia Academy – an educational programme to validate and build on employee competence.
  • Shuttle buses for commuters between Tidaholm and the new plant in Jönköping.
  • Extra funds for reorientation support – Nobia is contributing extra funds to reorientation support for employees who are choosing a career path outside of Nobia.

“I’m glad that we’ve come to an agreement with the trade unions on a great programme that will give our employees the best possible conditions. Ensuring future employment for all of our employees is our highest priority. We very much intend to take responsibility for both employees and the town of Tidaholm itself, and our investment in the Tidaholm Wood Centre is a key part of this. We have a good relationship with the municipality and unions, which is important for making this possible,” says Jon Sintorn, President and CEO of Nobia.