LIA announces new product testing collaboration

The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) has announced a new collaboration with UL for lighting product testing and certification.

With the first agreement reached in 2018, the LIA began its journey with UL by successfully passing UL’s approval process last year in a Third-Party Test Data Program (TPTDP).

Subsequently, tests based on UL Standards can be performed by the LIA laboratory and be accepted for certification around the world.

This strengthened UL´s and the LIA´s position by offering LIA members and clients the ability to certify their products in their own country export across the globe.

As of May 1, 2020, the LIA has become an independent sales agent for UL services, creating a one-stop shop for testing and certification of lighting products.

Commenting on the partnership, the LIA said: “This collaboration supports the UK lighting industry when it comes to easier exporting of products into other markets. For the LIA and its customers, this collaboration gives a direct and single point of contact for world-wide certification.

“Over the next months we will be running a series of articles on what the partnership is now able to offer but don’t delay if you need help or advice on exporting your products to any market in the world contact for more information.”