Kickstarter campaign launches new furnishing brand

Frontier IP, a specialist in commercialising intellectual property, has announced that its portfolio company Alusid Limited has launched a new luxury furnishings brand called Block via an exclusive Kickstarter campaign in collaboration with design consultancy Collective HQ.

Block, which has been named as a “Project We Love” by the Kickstarter team, demonstrates the ability of Alusid to create beautiful, premium-quality, hand-crafted solid surfaces from no less than 98% recycled glass and ceramic industrial waste.

The initial products being made under the Block name are a range of small-to-medium sized occasional tables. Alusid is making the tabletops, while Collective HQ are making the bases. Kickstarter awards “Project We Love” status to those which “really stand out”. 

The project shows the versatility of Alusid’s patented processes to recycle industrial waste, much of which would otherwise go to landfill, to create attractive tiles, tabletops and other surfaces. Clients for bespoke products include Harrods, Selfridges, Amazon UK, Nando’s and Pret-a-Manger, all of which have been secured by UK distributor Panaz.

Parkside Architectural Tiles, the commercial arm of Topps Tiles plc, is also distributing the Company’s upmarket Sequel range of wall tiles.

Alusid has now also successfully adapted its patented technologies for scale up to mass production on industry-standard tile making equipment, increasing production capacity from 4,000m2 a year to 1,000m2 a day, opening up new markets for the Company. The initial production run has been bought by a major retailer.

Alusid is a spin out from the University of Central Lancashire. It was co-founded by Chief Executive Officer Dr Alasdair Bremner and Creative Director Professor David Binns, who is also Head of Contemporary Ceramics at UCLan. Frontier IP holds a 35.6% equity stake in Alusid.

Alusid co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Alasdair Bremner, said: “This Kickstarter project, in collaboration with Collective HQ, allows us to open up and demonstrate new creative possibilities for our material through these high-end tables. Our strong belief is people are keen to buy sustainable products, but only if they match the aesthetic appeal of non-sustainable equivalents. Block is an ideal way for us to show this.”

Frontier IP Chief Executive Officer, Neil Crabb, added: “Alusid has made excellent progress this year, despite the uncertainty and delays caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. It has successfully demonstrated that it can scale up to mass production on industry-standard tile making equipment and has won new customers. This Kickstarter project and Block shows the Company can meet the needs of different markets across a number of different price points.”