Italian furniture maker launches new eco collection

Italian furniture maker Adrenalina has announced the launch of its new eco furniture collection in collaboration with Russian designer Daria Zinovatnaya.

The goal of achieving an increasingly circular economy in the upholstery supply chain is very close to Adrenalina’s heart.

Sustainability and the need to reduce the impact on the environment is leading the company to be increasingly green though “upholstery is a field that still suffers from the massive presence of non-ecofriendly and non-recyclable materials as regards padding”, the company says.

“This is the spirit with which we choose the brand new Oceanic material by Camira Fabrics for the Leo collection designed by Daria Zinovatnaya, a 100% recycled polyester fabric made of the plastic waste that pollutes beaches and oceans, the result of the SEAQUAL project, an important initiative involving brands from all over the world that aims at keeping seas and oceans clean.”

The new high-tech material is also extraordinarily wear-resistant and available in a palette of soft and delicate pastel colors that perfectly match Zinovatnaya’s design. With its clever Oceanic upholstery made of recycled plastic, the LEO series becomes a herald of the protection of nature and the preservation of the environment.

“Leo has an elegant and balanced physiognomy, in which the contrast between the rigidity of the tubular metal frame and the softness of the padded cushions is enhanced by the chromatic choices,” Adrenalina said.

“These two elements that contrast and complement each other, blend and fit into each other, joined by fabric buckles that hook the soft parts to the metal structure along the edges of the seat cushions.

“Daria Zinovatnaya’s stylistic code focuses on the relationship between color and geometry and draws inspiration from the artistic movements of the Russian avant-gardes of the early 1900s and from the postmodern design of the early 1980s.

“LEO is green inside, not only in the fabric, wooden structures, on the other handare FSC and Carb2 certified, and for iron and steel parts we aim for proper disposal since the remelting of metals limits the opening and exploitation of new mines and therefore reduces CO2 emissions.

“All Adrenalina products can be easily disassembled and broken down to be conveyed to separate waste dumps at the end of their life cycle.”