Dutch bed retailer launches new brand tagline “Sleep better, live better”

Dutch bed retailer Beter Bed has announced the launch of its new brand positioning “Sleep better, live better”, linking its knowledge and experience in the field of getting a good sleep to the positive impact this has on people’s health and well-being.

Beter Bed’s own international market research revealed that many people are insufficiently aware of just how important a better sleep is for a healthier and better life. Beter Bed wants to change this, starting in the Netherlands, with its new positioning “Sleep better, live better”.

“In my meetings with sleep experts, scientists and customers, it emerged that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the area of sleep. As a leading sleep retailer, we have our responsibility. We build on our 35 year experience in the industry when helping customers with advice and solutions for better sleep, but also increasingly use technology. We truly give customers the experience of better sleep “, says Beter Bed Holding N.V. CEO John Kruijssen.


Although the stores in the Netherlands will remain closed for the rest of the year, Beter Bed will continue to operate online.

During the year, online sales increased strongly and Beter Bed’s operation proved to be very resilient. Beter Bed will therefore continue its new “Sleep Heads” campaign. The company is launching its new brand positioning at prominent locations throughout the country in the form of digital billboards.

In addition, the campaign will also appear in social media, on radio and television. Beter Bed will also make the importance of getting a good night’s sleep a topic of discussion in the RTL4 TV program Coffee Time.

The importance of better sleep for better live

More than 2,000 scientific studies provide proof: better sleep makes you healthier, more energetic, more social and happier. Beter Bed’s own research shows that a large group of people do not always recognise or acknowledge the importance of sleeping well. John Kruijssen: “We see that the average Dutch person spends € 20 a week on nutrition, € 10 on sports and exercise, and only € 2 a week on sleeping, while we spend as much as one third of our lives in bed.”

The role of Beter Bed in better sleep

Beter Bed has been a sleep specialist for over 35 years and is uniquely positioned to translate the knowledge and experience it has gained into advice on and solutions for a better night’s sleep. Soon Beter Bed will introduce a mattress in its stores that uses sensors to analyse where more or perhaps less support is required for the perfect sleeping comfort, depending on the customer’s body and weight.

Ronald Voogt, Managing Director of Beter Bed Benelux: “This will help customers to sleep better through personalised and data-driven advice. Using the data from the analysis, our sleep consultants will be able to offer a customised sleep solution for everyone. This is a good example of how we live up to our new claim: Sleep better, live better.”