2021 kitchen trends with Daval

Fitted furniture supplier for kitchens and bedrooms, Daval, has shared an insight into what kitchen trends will be seen during 2021.

Creative Director, James Bodsworth, shares his thoughts about the 2021 trends that will influence how our kitchens look into the year ahead and beyond.

Green, both in colour and credentials

“There will be a real shift towards kitchens that seamlessly combine style and sustainability in 2021, as more of us place significant importance on the eco-credentials of the products we have in our homes”, says James.

“Our Renzo collection, which features doors made from 100% recycled materials, has already proved hugely popular with those of us looking to make a statement with an eco-friendly kitchen that reflects its sustainable credentials from the inside out – and this popularity is only set to grow in 2021.”

He explains: “Aesthetically, earthy tones of green combined with the darker wood textures such as Character Oak Tobacco and Charred Japanese Wood will become front runners alongside darker, forest green shades used in shaker-style kitchens to reflect our growing desire to bring sustainably and the colours of nature into our homes.”

Islands and Peninsulas as multi-functional surfaces

James says: “The kitchen is the heart of the home, and 2020 has seen this important room become so much more than simply somewhere to cook and eat. Instead, it has become a space to create joyous moments, capture precious memories and house the changing pace of our everyday lives.

“Kitchen islands have been key to creating this multi-functional space. They are the hub of a kitchen that function as somewhere for us to work, bake, eat or just sit and chat, and they are only set to grow in popularity in 2021 as we re-kindle our love affair with spending slower days at home.

Peninsulas will also be a key trend as a multi-functional solution for those of us who don’t want the permanence of a full-size island but still want the convenience of an extension to their surface space”, adds James. “Juxtaposing textures will also be a key trend, for example combining a striking marble effect island or peninsula with the earthy tones of woods such as Cuban Oak.”

Beautiful boot rooms and useful utilities

“We’ve all spent much more time among nature this year and creating a practical yet stylish connection between outdoors and in with a beautiful boot room or fully fitted utility space is set to become a ky 2021 kitchen trend”, James explains.

“Providing that dedicated extra space to help keep muddy boots and wet dogs neatly tucked away from the main thoroughfare , shaker-style fitted units like those found in our Bramham and Pembroke collections will be popular to sitting alongside the original features of heritage homes or to add character and charm to more modern newbuilds.”

James continues: “On a practical level, finishing touches such as the anti-scratch thermo-healing technology of Falmouth, or a dedicated dog bed built into a boot room drawer, will ensure these spaces work hard to accommodate and withstand the rigour of our daily lives.”

A focus on heritage and quality craftmanship

James explains: “As consumers, we are increasingly looking to buy locally from British brands that have a story to tell and demonstrate unfaltering commitment to quality craftmanship. This is a trend that is only set to grow throughout 2021, as the pandemic has made us realise the importance of investing in independent brands with products that have a back story we can relate to.”

He explains: “Many of our customers have told us they specifically choose Daval because we are a British brand rich in heritage and with a long history of quality craftmanship; traits which are only going to become more sought after when it comes to choosing products for our homes.

“Unlike off the shelf solutions, every Daval kitchen is individually made to measure before being personalised to our customers’ exact specifications, resulting in a kitchen that blends exquisite British craftmanship with functionality and style, brought to life through a design that is entirely bespoke to every individual home.”